Fairly Odd Distinction

sexy alan

Does it get any better than being young, single, rent free and high paid? Alan Dennis is living the life most dream of. He has looks, money, a nice car and a helluva golf game. His poker skill are questionable, but his life of luxury isn’t. Alan can afford the finer things in life. His well timed strategy of dumping girls before their birthday or holidays has saved him a fortune. Living in his dad’s basement without paying a penny on bills or food is genius. He has a knack for getting fired from work for sexual harassment, yet always lands on his feet with a higher paying gig. It’s this lifestyle that got him noticed by the staff at People Magazine.

As the followers of AGP are aware, People Magazine will being doing several commemorative covers of our club members. The man taking the honor this time is Alan Dennis.

The majority of our members have families and mortgages. Troy, Buzz, JD, Ricky, Mike and Mark have children that consume the biggest chunk of their salaries. Dan has medical bills piled up higher than Bryan’s Toyota Prius. For that matter Bryan runs a halfway house for homeless college wrestlers. Alan, however, can afford the nicer things in life. This is why People Magazine recently named him the best dressed bachelor in all of semi-pro poker.

The fairly odd part was People seems to be confused by Alan’s gender. Nevertheless, we at AGP congratulate Alan on being awarded a cover on the most read Magazine in the world. Way to go Alan! All of us with family and bills are envious of your lofty status.

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