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How Many Points for Saving a Life on Words With Friends?


Words With Friends, the Scrabble-like word game played on smartphones by millions of people around the world, may get famous actors thrown off planes like it did Alec Baldwin, but the good news is that it also saves lives.

By that we don’t mean it’s been updated with a medical alert system connected to the local hospital, although perhaps that wouldn’t be such a bad idea—Zynga’s popular word game can get the heart racing from time to time.

The life-saving story we’re referring to came about thanks to the Words With Friends feature that randomly matches up players around the world in search of an opponent.

The Beat: How to play A-K before the Flop

big slick

One of the strongest hands in hold ‘em, A-K is often the most misplayed hand in the game as well. Maybe this article will give you some insight on how to play A-K.

The first thing you need to determine is why you would want to play A-K. If you want to be a winning poker player then you need to limit the amount of starting hands to the ones with the greatest ability to provide the most value. In other words, you want the best hand or what can potentially become the best hand. For example, if the flop contains an ace or a king then you have top pair with the best kicker. Your opponent must have two pair or better at this point to beat you, and that’s a good position to be in.

New breakthrough on mysterious origins of Buzz Finger reveal familial tie with current AGP player

This 1979 bubble gum ad featuring AGP's own Buzz Finger parallel's Daggum's own gum ad. Is their connection one of Star Wars-like proportions?

AGP’s crack research team has uncovered top level security clearance documents pertaining to the enigmatic origin of AGP mystery man, Buzz Finger. The document was uncovered during a reading break in the men’s restroom when one of the researchers came across a very telling ad in a 1979 edition of The Avengers comic book (see featured image). The image was presumably of a younger Buzz Finger in a Hubba Bubba bubble gum print ad (sound familar?) using an exclamation that has largely belonged solely to one Mike “Daggum” Krisle; “Dadgum my Bubble Gum!”

3 Beers, 30 Seconds, No Hands or 1 Wall, 6 Seconds? Which Impresses You More?


Two impressive videos of people showing their “talents.” Which impresses you more? Watch and decide!

Be sure to remind this guy that your party is B.Y.O.B. or you could be headed back to the store quickly!

Exercise more your thing? Maybe an attempt at breaking the world record for speed climbing is how you get your buzz.

Outside Interference: There’s no Crying in Wrestling


Crying in wrestling: Monday it was Chris Jericho. Friday it was Big Show. As seen in any movie produced by the WWE, the Superstars are very talented wrestlers. Acting? Not so much. Shawn Michaels created this mess when he cried after winning his first World Title. He made it seem as if his childhood dream actually came true. It may have, but Vince has used the crying gimmick way too often since then. This past Monday Chris Jericho “attempted” to cry while he continues to play the fans in anticipation of attacking CM Punk at the Royal Rumble (my early prediction for the main event by the way). He couldn’t even create crocodile tears. It was stupid. The Big Show on Friday was lucky enough to have sweat in his eyes to help him pretend to cry. He should be upset that creative has him acting like such a softy. There’s no crying in wrestling, especially from a giant.

Brodus Clay: The “horrifying” Brodus Clay made his much anticipated debut as the “Funkasaurus.” Brodus channeled his inner 2 Cold Scorpio with his new gimmick. It was hardly horrifying and some say, hardly entertaining. He has brought the Tebow effect to the WWE. No, he isn’t debated as the savior of wrestling. He’s like Tebow in the fact that people either love or loathe his character. Like him or not, Brodus created chatter amongst fans and that is a good thing for WWE.

Steak and a Movie: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


Rated R, 158 mins

Cast: Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skarsgard

Okay…so I know it says Rated R, but if this movie had come out in 1997, it would have been known as NC-17…or possibly a PPV movie on the Playboy Channel.  Rooney Mara (“The Girl”) spends so much time undressed or in certain sexual predicaments that it would be utterly impossible NOT to know what kind of tattoos she had on her body.  However, if you can get past the sexual violence interlaced within the plot, it is one of the best thrillers to come along in quite some time.  Now of course, any woman you know has probably already read the entire series of books, so don’t try to be cute and guess the ending in the middle of the flick…because they will knowingly just nod their head and smirk…Consequently I did figure out the twist at the end but not fully.  Any movie that can stump me just a little bit is worth seeing in my opinion.  Warning: this movie is not for the queasy stomach.  Warning #2: if you are a woman expecting the movie to be exactly like the book, be forewarned…it’s not…apparently Daniel Craig’s character does many things differently…but hey I didn’t read it so good for me!

I award this 3 1/2 steaks.

On a side note…fellow columnist Sarah Wolff and I saw this on a Thursday night at Carmike for $7 total (including Halloween candy and a bottled water from home)

Guest Columnist and Movie Reviewer – Bryan “Quad Steak” Knepper

The Dan Truth: On Bended Knee


Editor’s note: The views of Dan Martin are his own and do not represent AGP. Reader discretion is advised. Freedom of Speech is alive and well.

They told him he couldn’t be a high school quarterback. He was told he would never be a successful college quarterback at a big time program. “He’ll never lead a team to a national title, or win the Heisman Trophy” they said. And they were all right! Buzz could, and will, never do any of those things. He did strike fear into a poor, defenseless wooden chair back in November though. However, this is a story about the man who did accomplish all of the above. Tim Tebow.

Chip Nazi Wins 2012 Opener


The AGP season began this past Tuesday night and in typical AGP fashion didn’t disappoint. The game started off like a preseason football game with plenty of missteps and fumbles. The chip stacks were out of order and didn’t have the right amount before the game even began! Buzz Finger became the first regular to feel the wrath of the no call/no show rule (see rules page). When play began it appeared as if all players fell to old school Mark’s level. There was folding out of turn, mucking big blinds and staring into space when it was your time to act. We had to switch cards 3 times (a record) due to defects. Hell, nobody could figure out the new poker timer that Dan graciously loaned us while he sits out the first two months because of work constraints. Maybe it was because we were at Bryan’s and the new location distracted us. That’s what we will blame it on since we’re all clearly professionals. However, in the midst of all the confusion it was a rather good game. The game featured 6 of the 9 members, a probation player (Jerry) and a scab (Cory).

Go Kart Fight


This may or may not be a real fight. The idea of road rage on a go kart track is humorous and for that reason AGP is sharing a video with that scenario. Real or fake? You decide.


AGPoll and Bold Predictions


The AGP Home Game Season is hours away. The official opening day poll and bold predictions for 2012 are ready for your entertainment!


Rank Points 1st Place Votes
1. Ricky Hodge 64 4
2. Mike Krisle 62 -
3. JD Deckard 61 -
4.Mark Herring 43 2
5. Troy Steffy 40 -
6. Dan Martin 38 2
7. Alan Dennis 36 1
8. Buzz Finger 32 -
9. Bryan Knepper 24 -

Each player was asked to give a bold prediction before the start of the season. How many will come true?